In this section I will be publishing most of all tattoos that I have done in Tattoo Maspalomas.

You can find here variety of tattoo styles.

Japanese, Trash Polka, 3D, Finger tattoos, Writings, Cover Ups and also many others rather experimental.

Most of these pictures has been taking directly after tattoo Therefore they might seems a little darker. As the tattoo heals the tonality will lower about 30% and that is Especially applied in black & gray tattoo style. Check out the FAQ on this page.

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tattoo shop Gran Canaria maspalomas artist tatouage copy

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realistic frog tattoo


mini small tattoos birds maspalomas

disney tattoo keyskull girl








full sleeve tattoo gran canaria

owl tattoo gran canaria

girl tattoo maspalomasfinger tattoos for couples

full sleeve tattoos in Gran Canaria









maori tattoo maspalomasfemale trash polka tattoo


tattoos ladies maspalomas





mandala-tattoo-gran-canaria Mandalas fits perfectly many times in combination with other tattoo style.


full sleeve tattoo gran canaria

biomecanic cover up tattoo gran canaria

cover-up tattoo viking gran canaria


water paint tattoo maspalomas

owl pocket watch mechanism tattoo


sword wings tattoo

cover up tattoos gran canaria

tribal tattoo extension

alien tattoo realistic maspalomas healing process

sexi tattoo angelsBlack and gray tattoo maspalomas gran canariaThis is a self made tattoo that I have done in order to test some inks.

ambagrama tattooThis writing calls ambagram and you can read it in the same way from both sides.

tribal chest tattoo


portrait tattoo black gray gran canaria

mexican chest tattoo gran canaria copy

cover up realism tattoo gran canaria

fenix tattoo maspalomas The Phoenix tattoo.

acuarela tattoo maspalomasAcuarela or Water paint style tattoos.

3D cross tattoo Gran CanariaThe Cross in 3D tattoo style.

heart rose tattoo gran canaria      feminine lace tattoo maspalomas gran canaria


tribal tattoo gran canaria maspalomas

maori tattoo artist grand canaria

dragon tattoo gran canaria maspalomas tatovering

viking tattoo gran canaria  Here is the Thor – The God of Thunder.

female maori tattoo maspalomas gran canaria Every time more and more popular Polinesian Maori tattoo for ladies.

butterfly tattoo maspalomasButterly tattoos for ladies.

maori tattoos in gran canaria


skull tattoo gran canaria   

hidden face skull wing tattoo gran canaria A realistic tattoos with many dimensions, light, shadows. These types of artwork should be joyful throughout all your life as you ca always find some new points that you have perhaps haven’t seen earlier.

mini tattoos gran canaria

tribal cover-up tattoo  



3D puzzle tattoo gran canaria maspalomas

realistic tattoo gran canaria

TRIBAL tattoo gran canariatribal tattoo cheyenne


tattoo gran canaria gaypride maspalomas

tattoo gran canaria motorbike

tatouage gran canaria tattoo maspalomas Lion king The Lion King tattoo

pocket watch tattoo

tattoo gran canaria most of our design are ‘tailor-made’ to suit every individual customer.


tattoo gran canaria maspalomas        Large Projects.

     cover up tattoo fairy  finger tattoos gran canaria

Amazing Dragon Tattoo -Tears of Fenix Tattoo Studio copy  Vida locaTattoo Tears of Fenix Tattoo Studio Maspalomas   Skavenborg's horoscope healed  Horoscope Tattoos.

  feminin tattoo tears of fenix tattoo studio    Remi:s writing 

Amazing feather Tattoo Maspalomas Tears of Fenix   Sweet feminine tattoo gran canaria

IMG_20140815_204112   Amazing shark Tattoo Tears of Fenix Tattoo Studio 

  tattoo key maspalomas  

One love one life tattoo   tattoos-for-couplesTattoos for couples.

heartbeat tatowierung gran canaria  Eyes Tattoo tribal composition Tears of Fenix Tattoo Studio copy Personalized tattoo designs.

 impossible triangle    Harley Davidson tattoo in Maspalomas  Tattoos for Men.

lili butterfly tattoo gran canaria   Tattoos for Ladies.

Tears of Fenix tattoo studio design Tattoo sleeves.


Tears of Fenix tattoo Gran Canaria  Tattoo Writings, names.

tattoo gran canaria Old school style Old School tattoo Compositions.

condor tattoo on gran canaria  trash polka tattoo gran canaria


cover up tattoo frau tatouage    cover up tattoo Ucranian motive


cover up    sand timer tattoo

scorpion realistic - cover up tattoo copyMajor Cover Ups.

Tattoo cover up Butterfly instead of flower

Here above is an example that it is not always necessary to cover old tattoos with big new tattoos.

waterpaint tattoos gran canaria

Tears of Fenix Tattoo Creation - Maspalomas 2014
man tattoo grand canaria tears of fenix maspalomas
Tears of Fenix Tattoos - Gran Canaria
tattoo arte maspalomas grand canaria

tribal tattoo example tearsoffenixtattoos

Koi fish tattoo - gran canaria - tears of fenix  I have made this as my first ever tattoo on ‘Human skin.. :-}

gran canaria tattoo

Tears of Fenix Tattoo studio - Crazy Designs

Ripped skin 3D tattoo - unique composition - Scotland in Viking Font - flag bleeding from under the skin
Ripped skin 3D tattoo – unique composition – Scotland in Viking Font – flag bleeding from under the skin
TAttoo Gran Canaria Maspalomas
Compass tattoo – Gran Canaria – Maspalomas – Tears of Fenix – 2014

beautiful graffiti tattoo - Tears of Fenix T Studio Maspalomas tattoo of Graffiti Mask made in tattoo Maspalomas  in 2014.

Carpe diem Tattoo sexi Gran canaria studio Tears of Fenix 


Chicano Tattoo - Tears of Fenix Tattoo Studio

  Amazing butterfly  Sweet holiday memories for Gran Canaria in the form of Butterfly.

tears of fenix tattoo gran canaria copy  Waterpaint style with realistic combos tattoos.

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