Tears of Fenix – Gran Canaria tattoo studio was since the beginning also producing Videos of full tattoo processes. Perhaps – because you might be interested  how the tattoo has been made, under what conditions, where and by who.

Therefore I have created a series of videos where you can see the act of tattooing for real in step by step manner. And maybe you can find your own tattoo here and show the video to your friends and family.

As a result I have structured the tattoo videos by the years.. 2014,205 and 2016 for now.

If you will find a difficulties with viewing content on this page – try to simply select the tattoo videos by the years. Through that you will allow the server to go ‘lighter and quicker’ without over exceeding it’s limits.

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In this Video – The Godfather Corleone and Cadillac Fleetwood tattoo sleeve process 2016. And that is only the beginning.

Full sleeve tattoo process. Elements are: Pocket watch mechanism, skulls, tribal tattoo, and playing cards – Gran Canaria tattoo studio Tears of Fenix 2016

Viking mask cover-up tattoo. Forearm sleeve video process.

Owl and Pocket watch mechanism design – the tattoo process video.

In this Video – Sword and wings tattoo process

‘Tribal and Stars chest tattoo for man”

Perhaps the best definition would be ‘Alien face Bio mechanical tattoo’. In addition a little bit of Cheyenne Thunder tattoo machine review. Definitely my most favorite machine.

In this Video – The making of Realistic Skull partly with color. In addition presenting Dull Boy Jack music

Finally ‘The making of – Phoenix – Fire bird. The main symbol of my studio.

In this video – The making of Lace Leg tattoo from the design until the end.

The making of Skull, wings, rose, Guns tattoo. Covering up the older tattoo.

Compilation 2015.Masculine Tattoo Ideas. Variety of styles and designs for men.

In this Video – Feminine Tattoo Ideas

The video of Hand Tattoo – Skull.

Innovative tattoo designs – Straight lines with pass of the butterflies.


‘MoToro’ tattoo – the making of process. Motorbike design with bull head.

In this Video – Lion King tattoo. The making of tattoo step by step.

Composition of Chest piece. Wing & Red Realistic Rose tattoo – and in addition exclusive Look inside of Gran Canaria tattoo studio Tears of Fenix.

The complete Tattoo process from the design making until finish. Also an inside view of Gran Canaria tattoo studio  Tears of Fenix.

‘The making of’ Lilli flower and butterflies’ – Feminine back tattoo.

Tattoo for Couples – One love One life with Crowns. Ever more popular tattoo for couples.

Forearm Sleeve tattoo . Skull with watch tattoo and an Angel 2015

Cover Up tattoo  video – Innovative Ukrainian design used as a cover of an old tattoo. Maybe this is the best example that is showing the ‘new possibilities’. So now we are able to cover the old black ink with new vivid and light colors. Therefore that will respond the question of:  ‘Is it possible to cover-up the old black tattoo with other colors?’ The response is: “Definitely”..

Tattoo of Scorpion with the Punisher skull symbol on his back.

Just a quick view of Harley Davidson tattoo and music track by Metallica “Dyers Eve”

Whole another video of Harley Davidson custom sign Tattoo. This time also with ‘Touring through Meloneras on Motorbike’ bonus. In addition Music track by Metallica “Turn the page”. Original track by Bob Seger 1973.

Old School tattoo Elements and rather player tattoo composition. Gran Canaria tattoo studio Tears of Fenix.

In this Video – Scorpion Cover Up tattoo. Gran Canaria 2015.

Few sessions of Angel Wings also has been made in about a year time. Enjoy Your tattoo holidays.

As many clients are coming back to continue their tattoo stories.. Maybe it’s not bad idea to invest a little more time to design preparation.. In conclusion – the tattoo time is mostly shorter then the design making.

In this Video – ‘Self made tattoo’ – “Smoking Sceleta”. I was testing for the first time my new Cheyenne Hawk Spirit tattoo machine. And I using it until today.

Maybe we can call it ‘Decomposed Skull tattoo design’.

In this Video – Acuarela tattoo style. Waterpaint tattoos Gran Canria

Personalized tattoo composition of Condor sitting on a Dorsal Spine. Tattoo specially designed as a result of a working accidentof my client.

Exact and also rather modified Tattoo Copies of Depeche Mode’s lead singer Dave Gahan.

‘Self-made’ tattoo. Japanese Koi Fish. This is the first tattoo that I have ever done on the human skin, hence my skin ;-}.. Probably the best decision I’ve ever made… Enjoy !

Project Dragon’ – Japanese style. As much as 4 sessions over period of 4 months. Full documentation and old tattoo machines.. hehehe.

Cover Up tattoo Example and in Old School style. Roses instead of waves.

Probably the most old tattoo compilation. Therefore the quality of the video is somehow poor.

Random order tattoos done in Gran Canaria in summer of 2014.

Cover Up skull tattoo -‘the Making of video’. Seems like a Japanese design of skull.

Video of back tattoo Double Dragon. Around 6 hours of tattooing and this was the 1st. session.

‘The making of’ Compass tattoo. Gran Canaria tattoo studio in Maspalomas


Example of tattoo writing of names.

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