Tatouage Maspalomas –  Cover-Up works

Here are an examples of Cover Up tattoos that I’ve done in 2014,’15,’16,’17 and onwards in Tears of Fenix – tatouage Maspalomas.

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Probably the most important when choosing the right tattoo design and the tattoo artist would be a hygiene and overall feeling of the person doing the job right?

I would say that to study very carefully the artworks of the artist[s] and maybe also other peoples point of perspective that have already visited the particular tattoo studio.

However the most important is in fact the knowing of what would you like to have as the topic or let’s call it a design on your body for the rest of your bodylife. Therefore the starting point must come firstly from you – A client..

Especially relevant is the body placement and the mature idea of what would you want to have. Because i can tell you that the Laser removal do Not work in most cases!!

So to sum up : What and Where should be established long before visiting a tattoo studio.

I have been doing Cover-Up tattoos extensively and I can say that in Tears of Fenix tattoo studio around 40% of all tattoos are in fact Cover-Ups..

Here some examples of my work:

cover-up tattoo viking gran canaria 


lotus cover up tattoo

rose tatoo cover up maspalomas

cover up geaometrical tatouage

depeche mode rose cover up

trash polka crow leg tattoo

biomecanic cover up tattoo gran canaria

major lazer cover up tattoo 



sagitarios tattoo cover up tatouage maspalomas


cover up tattoos grand canarie


cover-up tattoo biomencanica

cover up tattoos gran canaria

cover up realism tattoo gran canaria

cover-up tatoo dragon protector

coverup snake gran canaria

skull guns rose wings cover-up tatoauge grancanaria

COVER UP Tattoo maspalomas hibiscus

cover up old school tattoo


cover up tattoo acuarela

tattoo cover up artist gran canaria

chicago bull cover-up tattoo

cover up tattoo artist gran canaria


Tatouage Maspalomas Fairy tattoo covering a simple shape of another

cover up tattoo frau tatouage Feminine tattoo design covering up a small tattoo of ladybug

trash polka tattoo gran canaria This was done as a Unique tattoo composition Trash Polka sleeve – to be continued next year

cover up tatouage maspalomas

cover upThis tattoo was a Cover up for an old tribal tattoo – Trash Polka style

viking tattoo cover upCover up of Viking replacing an old school  tattoo

cover up tattoo Ucranian motiveThis tattoo is most probably the best example of – ‘We do not have to always go darker.’ In these days the ink quality is at the level of easily replacing or covering black old tattoos with new fresh and also light colors. Hence that will respond I guess to many the question of ‘Black big cover-ups.

Tattoo cover up Butterfly instead of flower
Cover up tatouage maspalomas – gran canaria – meloneras Tears of Fenix Tattoo Studio

scorpion realistic - cover up tattoo copyScorpion tattoo 3D replacing an old scorpion after 26years to my dear friend Alex

Tears of fenix tattoo studio - example of cover up roseA rose cover up example. Most probably the best example when it comes to the size that is just as big as the old rose from many years ago.

Tears of Fenix Tattoo Studio Cover Up SeriesJapanese skull tattoo replacing The name of friend’s Exgirlfriend for three dimensional skull tattoo

Cover up - remade tattoo - MaspalomasRefreshing an older tattoo to my dear friends from Denmark

tatouage maspalomas cover up tattoo gran canaria tatouage Maspalomas – Finnish lion refreshed


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Marek – Tattoo Artist – “Tatouage Maspalomas”