Tattoo price Maspalomas – in this section we will focus on variety of typical questions and concerns related to tattoos on your holidays.

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Here I will place some of your Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: How much is Tattoo price Maspalomas?

– The tattoo price is established once we have already created your exact tattoo design and it has been printed in it’s correct size. Only then I am able to be precise..

FAQ 2: How long time will my take my tattoo?

– Tattoo process time depends on the design, body placement, type of skin, and of client’s collaboration. We do have brakes every 45′ and there is a coffee bar with all kind of refreshing drinks.

FAQ 3: What is the legal minimum age for tattoo in Spain?

– In Spain the minimum legal age is 18. However 16 is already enough while the parent is present during the tattoo session and the consent for tattoo procedure has been signed by.

FAQ 4: What about the aftercare?

          – The tattoo aftercare will be explained in detail to each individual during tattoo session.

However here I will leave you with some basics: No Swimming pool during about 14 days after the tattoo. However you can go tho the beach and swim in the sea already after 5 days as it is in fact beneficial. Tattoo cream to be applied around 4 times per day, and cleaning simply with colder water and soap or shower gel. Do not touch / clean your tattoo with saliva as this can produce longer healing unnecessarily. Stay in clean areas during the first week of your tattoo.

FAQ 5: How long takes the tattoo to heal completely?

– Tattoo usually takes 1 week to heal profoundly and after this time period like a ‘snake skin’ will be slowly coming out from the tattooed area. At this point the tattooed skin is “out of danger” and the skin will become kind of ‘shiny’. Herein even the blackest parts will be somehow gray and the area will have a ‘reflective skin look. That is always so and from that moment it takes about 4 weeks more due to the necessity of the Epidermis {top layer of skin} to change. That occurs constantly in our lives – and usually takes about 28 days.

In shorter version – It takes around 5 weeks to complete the healing process. So your tattoo looks the best.

FAQ 6: Do you accept Walk ins or do we need to book appointment?

– We do accept walk ins – However please consider that once I am busy with tattooing someone – that is my main focus in that moment.

Therefore I would definitely recommend you to do appointment when it comes to our first meeting that is design related. I am considering the design creation as important as tattoo itself. And you should do too.

FAQ 7: Do you also do piercings or other body implants?

– No – and we also do not sell any material of any kind. Only the tattoo aftercare healing creams.

FAQ 8: Is the Tattoo price Maspalomas friendly?

– YES ;-}

FAQ 9: What day of my holidays will be my tattoo made?

– The design is created usually in the beginning of your holidays and the Tattoo usually takes place at the end. So you can enjoy all of the swimming pool fun and sun.

FAQ 10: Can we also do bigger tattoos in such a short time and notice?

– Yes.. There has been many clients where we was able to accomplish full sleeves projects for example – within 48 hours with smile.

FAQ 11: Can I drink alcoholic drinks during my tattoo session?

– No! There is a definitive No when it comes to alcohol in the day of your tattoo session.

FAQ 12: Can I be under the sun once my tattoo is finished?

– Yes.. Trying to avoid direct sunlight unto the tattooed area.. I have seen may concerns and confusion around this subject  “Tattoo and the Sun” and I do not see any major problem here, perhaps it might be a little painful once the sun hit the freshly tattooed skin – otherwise there isn’t big deal.

If you have any more questions – please do not hesitate and ask.. I do speak various languages however for my response I will probably use English or Translator ..

Tel: +34/ 663298634

See you soon


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